Software should not slow you down.  Before we automate business processes using technology, we take the time to understand your business then find tools to make it more efficient. We have experience in private, public, government, & non-profit for both large and small business.  Whether you are a company of one or 50,000, we are here to fill your need for business automation in the following areas.
ETL & Database Development
Data securely passes across the internet from one database to another through ETL development.  We specialize in securely sending and receiving your data in compliance with industry standards such as HIPAA and the HITECH Act.  We can program HL7 & ANSI interfaces for your needs.
Data sitting in a database is little help unless users have access to it.  Our web development services will securely extract your data and present it to web and mobile devices.  Whether you prefer PHP, JSON or remote API presentation methods, we have you covered.
Site Surveys & On-Site Analysis
Not all business happens behind a desk.  That's why we come to you and analyze your issues in person. Insights in spreadsheets are great, but we have found there is no one-size fits all approach.  We want to be Your Automation Partner.


Managing a technical project sounds simple until you experience the nightmare of missing a deadline because your contractors let you down or the scope of work was not fully realized prior to project start. We hire only the best to ensure your project is completed on time, in scope, and within budget.
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